zaterdag 31 maart 2012

trip to Poland!

Hello friends,
Today I finished my planned trip on
Now I can upload these trip parts in my GPS device!
The more I work on this plan the more I am looking forward to the first really long trip with the Carbon Quest this year!

The link to this trip, is

Departure date will be saturday august18th (maybe friday 17th) and I must be back in the Netherlands no later than sunday september 2nd.
Every day I will climb (average) 1000 meters (easy) and about 200 km of cycling.
I will camp in campsites or in the wild. the second last day I will stay in a hotel.

I am trying to find a velonaut who will cycle with me. we will see.

In Poland I will meet my good friend Tjoan and his girlfriend Magdalena, in Konin.

It will definitely be a challenge, more than 2000 km within two weeks, wonderful!

Sent me reply I am curious what you think of this plan.

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