maandag 30 januari 2012

Plan A

Plan A will be, of course, my first choice.
It involves cycling from the North Sea towards the East.
First from my hometown Ede, to the North Sea and back in one day. This will be a little over 200 km.

Than in order of travelling;

  1. Netherlands
  2. Germany
  3. Poland
  4. Ukraine
  5. Russia
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. China
  8. Japan
I do need visa for: Russia, Kazakhstan and China

Visa requirements will be different every year or season. 
For Russia and Kazakhstan I (now) can have 30 days visa, probably enough for my route through these countries.
For China I don't know yet what the requirements will be at the time of my departure.

In Poland I will visit the concentration camp Auschwitz.
Along the way I will find more interesting places I must visit.

In Japan I want to cycle or travel at least 4 weeks.

After I will have shipped or sold the Quest and end my travelling in Japan, I will go back to Shanghai by ferry.
Here I will take the train to Beijing, where I plan to take the Trans Siberian Express to Moscow.
Then I will travel by train, again, back to The Netherlands, the end of my big journey for several years.

A few problems have to be solved before I leave.

  1. The transport of my Quest back to The Netherlands by ship (A wooden crate for the Quest and large container to transport it in one of those large container ships)
  2. Or if I decide to sell the Quest, I must have a buyer or a guaranty of somebody buying my Quest before I leave home.
  3. Visa requirements can be a (big) problem so if I can't deal with those problems I have to cancel Plan A.
I have no idea how many kilometers this trip will be. (another blog entry again some day!)
Last trip I traveled around / about 80 km a day. In the coming years I will find out how many km's will be realistic. Then I can plan the route before I leave.

Next entry I will explain plan B

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